Our timber windows and doors can be fully finished by us and ready for installation. With the expansion of our spray booths and the improvements in our drying room, we are better able to streamline our full factory finishing processes.

Teknos Total Factory Applied Protection Systems allows Wyre Forest Woodcraft to produce beautifully coated joinery in a single integrated finishing process. When dry, these water bourne coatings and treatments are both flexible and breathable, allowing the timber to move naturally through the seasons whilst minimising the cracking and peeling associated with traditional solvent based coatings. Using these coatings therefore, means the need for immediate painting or staining is eliminated and they can also extend the life between redecoration cycles.

Doors can be hung in frames, complete with multipoint locking and we offer a range of quality hardware in black, white, brass, satin, bronze and chrome.

We use soft coat, Argon filled, warm edge, toughened, double glazed units as standard. These are energy efficient and give our windows great thermal properties.

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Factory Finishing at Wyre Forest Woodcraft